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Factory Scheduled Maintenance in Scottsdale, AZ and Maricopa County, AZ

There is a lot more to the maintenance of your vehicle than just an oil change.  Every vehicle has specific recommendations from the manufacturer on the types of service, and frequency.  Most vehicles have a cabin air filter, engine air filter, and a fuel filter that require regular maintenance.  We check your cabin and engine air filters with our complimentary inspection during an oil change.The filters often get dirty faster than the recommended change intervals in Arizona due to all the dust blowing around.  The air filter is what filters the air your engine intakes, and the cabin air filter filters the air you breath inside the vehicle.  We provide the following fluid exchange services: transmission fluid exchange, differential fluid exchange, brake fluid exchange, coolant fluid exchange, power steering fluid exchange (older models), and clutch fluid exchanges (manual transmission only).  We would be happy to go over your factory scheduled maintenance if you give us a call with your VIN number.  

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